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About Biolithe

A Revolutionary Approach

Biolithe, Inc. brings a revolutionary approach to the reduction and control of harmful greenhouse gases. Rather than mitigating methane gas once it has been released into the atmosphere, our goal in developing Biolithe, our core product, is to prevent its formation from the outset. Biolithe is added to paper and packaging products during the manufacturing process, and works by inhibiting the production of methane gas that occurs as these products break down in landfills.

A Green Evolution

Biolithe's development evolved out of our researchers' work in greenhouse gas mitigation, a process that usually occurs after the levels of methane gas have reached unsafe levels. Shifting their focus to prevention, our science team created an innovative product that is incorporated during the manufacturing process but delivers its payoff post-use, by reducing the levels of methane gas emitted by paper and packaging waste.

With concern growing worldwide about methane gas and its impact on the environment, companies are looking for ways to build more sustainable, eco-friendly brands. Biolithe, Inc. is dedicated to assisting green-minded companies, specifically paper and packaging manufacturers, in these efforts. In addition to our current Biolithe offering, our research team continues to develop other groundbreaking products that can be implemented at the processing level.


Why Use Biolithe?

With the introduction of Biolithe, Biolithe, Inc. has ushered in a new era in the reduction and control of methane gas. Biolithe is the ONLY product that works to prevent the formation of methane in paper and packaging waste, thereby reducing the need for, and the costs involved in, methane gas mitigation. It is our goal to work with paper and packaging companies worldwide in order to achieve the greatest environmental impact.

Below are four important reasons to consider integrating Biolithe into your products right now:

It's Environmentally Responsible

Incorporating Biolithe into your production process enables your company to positively impact the environment by reducing the amount of methane gas your products release once they reach the landfills. This is an important benefit for you, your customers and everyone on the planet.

It's Good Business

More and more companies are seeking sustainable resources at a reasonable cost. By creating greener, more eco-friendly products with Biolithe, you will attract and retain a higher percentage of those B2B customers, a positive for the environment as well as your bottom line. Consumers of your products also vote with their pocketbooks, and reward companies and brands that embrace and practice environmental responsibility.

It's Easy to Implement

Because this is a new technology, we are especially committed to working closely with you to implement Biolithe into your manufacturing process. We will come to your plant or facility to provide functional and technical training and support, and assist you and your customers in understanding and reaping the benefits of Biolithe.

It's Cost-Effective

Biolithe is the small change that can have a big impact. It can be implemented at a relatively low cost, yet it can achieve a dramatic reduction in methane gases and positively impact your public image and bottom line. It's a sound and low-risk investment that could eventually pay for itself in new customer acquisition.

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Biolithe Mission Statement

Biolithe's goal annd mission is to design, formulate, integrate, and advocate environmentally safe sustainable technologies that will provide continuous and customized methane reduction for any product for which Biolithe is incorporated.

Organizations & Associations

Sustainable Packaging Coalition

The Sustainable Packaging CoalitionĀ® (SPC) is an industry working group dedicated to a more robust environmental vision for packaging.